What Is Rapid Prototypes ?

A rapid prototype is a process used to quickly and cost-effectively develop a prototype of a new product or concept. Rapid prototypes can be developed in a short amount of time and often reduce the cost of product development significantly.

Our rapid prototypes business contains below :
3D printing(SLA/SLS)
CNC prototypes parts including metal and plastic parts for low-volume and mass production
Vacuum Casting
Additive Manufacturing
Silicone Molding
Various surface finishes are available like painting, pad printing, silk screening, etc.

Rapid prototyping techniques typically involve using CAD to create a 3D model, then using 3D printing technology to create a physical working model. Rapid prototyping services may also include 3D printing, vacuum casting, CNC machining, and other production methods to quickly produce the desired prototype. Rapid prototyping software is used to make the CAD designs more accurate, as well as to control the 3D printing machines and to make editing the models easier.

The 3D printing technology used for rapid prototyping has advanced greatly over the last decade, with more sophisticated 3D printers and materials now available. 3D printing services are now more widely available, allowing customers to choose the most suitable 3D printer and the right material for their needs. 3D printing plastic is very common, but metal, ceramic and other materials can also be used.

CAD design is a key element of any rapid prototyping process, and a wide range of CAD software is available to help create and edit designs accurately. Rapid manufacturing and rapid tooling processes also use CAD files as part of their processes.

Our core technical team has been in the rapid prototypes industry for more than 20 years of factory experience and we have worked with the world’s Fortune 500 companies for several years. We are competitive in price and lead time as well as quality assurance. Just send us an inquiry and let us do all the rest.

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