What Is CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a process that involves the use of automated machine tools to shape, form and manipulate a wide range of materials. The process relies on the use of Computer Numerical Control to control the movement of the machine’s tools and components. This technology has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, enabling the production of complex parts with precision and accuracy. CNC machining is used in a variety of industries, ranging from automotive to aerospace and medical.

CNC manufacturing is a process whereby the parts are machined on a Computer Numerical Control lathe or milling machine. This type of machining is precise and accurate and can create complex shapes, geometry, and tolerance. CNC routers are also used to produce parts with precise milling, routing, and drilling. CNC mills can also be used for precise hole drilling and tapping operations.

CNC milling is used to create precise parts and components, such as for the medical, aerospace, and automotive industries. CNC lathes are also used to create precise and intricate parts from a range of materials. CNC turning is also used in the production of automotive and aerospace parts, as well as medical devices and components. CNC drilling is used for precise hole drilling and tapping operations.

For precision parts and components, CNC precision parts can be machined to exceptionally tight tolerances. CNC grinding is also used for precise cuttings and angles of parts and components. CNC metalworking is also used to produce parts from a range of metals and alloys.

CNC CAD/CAM design and CNC toolpath programming can help to create precise parts without requiring the operator to manually measure and program the machine. The toolpath programming software can also be used to generate CNC machining center programs, as well as provide useful guidance. CNC machining parts are used in a variety of industries, from medical to automotive.

CNC programming can also be used to produce complex designs on sheet metal and 3D-printed plastic parts.

We can do low-volume and mass-production CNC machining including metal and plastic parts. We have more than 50 CNC machines to meet our client’s requirements for different CNC machining parts. We have 5-axis machining which can provide precision 0.01mm tolerance products.

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