Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is a process of cutting and forming sheet metal into different shapes and sizes.  It is used to create a wide variety of components, such as enclosures, brackets, and frames.  The process requires specialized tools and techniques, such as bending, forming, punching, and welding.  Sheet metal fabrication offers many advantages, such as cost savings, precision, and strength.  It is an essential manufacturing process that helps ensure the end product meets exact requirements.

The material is commonly used in steel or aluminum in the industry. We could offer SPCC, SHCC, SECC, SGCC, CU, brass, copper tin, aluminum plate (6061, 6063, etc.), aluminum profile, and stainless steel (which can make mirror surface, brushed surface, matte surface finish ). We can provide professional and efficient advice for our clients based on the use of the product and cost requirements.


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