Injection molded plastic

Injection molded plastic parts are the most common type of molding parts used in the manufacturing industry. It is an ideal technology for producing high-volume and complex plastic parts in an efficient, cost-effective, and repeatable way. Plastic mold injection machines use cold or hot-runner systems with a wide range of injection molding material lists, which allows for customization to meet clients’ demands.

Professional plastic parts manufacturers utilize different plastic injection molding material lists to design for injection molding, making sure the product has the right dimension, strength, and aesthetic features. The injection molding processes involve several key steps: clamping the mold onto the injection molding machine, injecting the melted plastic into the mold cavity, and cooling and ejecting parts from the mold.

The potential of plastic injection molding is obvious and it’s one of the most popular technologies used in the automotive, home appliances, healthcare, consumer electronics, kitchenware, sanitary ware, smart wearable, sports equipment, etc industries. By using advanced plastic injection molding technology, we as manufacturers can produce plastic parts in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. This helps us to meet the mass production requirements of clients, reduce production time and save materials costs efficiently.

Our Capabilities

We have more than 20 injection molding machines with tonnage flexible from 50T to 1000T which can meet most various plastic parts products for clients.


The relationship between the tonnage and clamp force of an injection molding machine depends on the weight of the molded part.  Generally speaking, the higher the weight, the higher the tonnage and clamp force requirement will be.  Hence, it is important to thoroughly understand the weight of the molded part to accurately select molding machine tonnage and clamping force.

Production Process

When a project comes to us, we could offer a one-stop service for all your product manufacturing needs, from DFM analysis, and rapid prototypes to mold opening and until mass production. We usually receive hundreds of orders from all over the world daily. We do not require  MOQ restriction and accept any quantity for mass production. Our service covers all steps from raw materials ordering to producing, shipping, and delivering the finished products right to the client’s hand. All clients need to do is provide us with a 3D drawing as well as a 2D drawing and then we’ll take care of the rest. We’re here to help you every step of the way, making sure everything runs smoothly right up until you hold the finished product in your hands.

Plastic material list

We can provide various kinds of raw materials for the plastic injection molding parts as follows :










Packing & Delivery

The finished plastic parts products will be packed very well and carefully in cartons or wooden boxes. Or we can follow as client customization packing way accordingly.


Our injection molded plastic parts relates to automotive ,home appliances ,healthcare ,consumer electronic ,kitchenware ,sanitary ware ,smart wearable and sports equipments etc. industries . We provide one stop service and good quality of  plastic products for our clients . Pls send us inquiry if you have project ,we will deal with the rest .

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