Mold Design and Produce

We make different types of plastic injection mold and die casting mold for our clients .We do the mold material mostly by steel ,and small part by aluminum base on client customized requirement . The type of material is pointed by client or we can recommend if client is not pointed to meet the quality ,cost saving, quick leadtime ,function,mold life  that meet the product making requirement .

Mold Design

Our engineers always keep customers’ needs in mind and consider factors such as product appearance, mold life, easy demoulding, and cost control when starting a mold. When we get a new project from clients, we will discuss the key points of the mold, and make reasonable suggestions according to the actual situation until a consensus is reached and our client is satisfied. We are aware that every client has their standards and design concepts, so our engineers also consider these two factors. We use UG11.0 and AUTOCAD 2018 software for plastic injection molding design. With these tools, we can develop a mold that meets the client’s needs. We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing plastic injection molds to help clients achieve their desired results. We offer timely, reliable, and cost-effective model solutions for injection molding. We can answer any questions and address any concerns about plastic molds, from conception, design, and production to delivery. Our experienced engineers are happy to help you achieve your goals. No matter where you are in your plastic molding journey, we are ready to help you get started.

Mold Flow

Mold flow analysis services, also known as mold filling simulation, is an advanced 3D modeling technique that utilizes the material flow theory to effectively fill the material. This technique is highly beneficial in optimizing the design of molding processes. It helps in analyzing the relationship between the material codes and the mold filling cycle time, as well as the surface finish of the parts being molded. The advantages of using this method include efficient material filling, reduction of the cycle time, prevention of unnecessary work, and determination of the potential problems before opening the mold. The mold flow analysis services bring together the experience of engineers with the powerful mold flow analysis tool and software. This offers insightful and comprehensive analysis to reduce the cost and time associated with even the most complex designs. It is also used as a quality control measure as it works on the predicted process conditions. The full potential of the tool can only be achieved with the expertise of a professional Mold Flow Analysis team.


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