Upper Shell Of Car Antenna Plastic Box DC10

Basic information:Product name: Upper shell of car antenna plastic box DC10Parameters: Length 157.7±0.2 mm, width 71.45±0.2 mm, thickness 10.2±0.2 mmMaterial: ABS + PC / Kumho-Sunny HAC8250Color: Black

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Product details:

Appearance: The product shall comply with the related automotive inspection standards, free of shrinkage, short molding, oil contamination, burrs, scratches &, etc.
Operating temperature: -40℃- 85℃; Storage temperature: -40℃- 90℃
The product shall pass the high and low-temperature tests (-40℃- 90℃)
For flame retardant, the product shall meet the requirements specified in GB 8410
Environmental protection: The product shall comply with the standards of RoHS 2.0, REACH, HF, and other general restricted substance control standards.
Usage scenario: It is used as the carrier of automobile antenna accessories, protecting it with other parts to achieve the sealing effect

Product features:

This product is an injection mold composed of ABS + PC/Kunho-Sunny HAC8250 material, with black color. It is a car antenna box upper shell with precise and precise length, width, and thickness measurements. It is 157.7 ± 0.2mm in length, 71.45 ± 0.2mm in width, and 10.2 ± 0.2mm in thickness.

This plastic injection mold is made using an injection molding design guide and plastic injection molding services. It enables the production of automotive injection molded parts with precise shapes, high surface quality, and perfect dimensional accuracy. It also features superior impact resistance and chemical resistance.

The plastic injection mold is built with parts made from high-quality materials and components. This product is designed as an efficient injection molding machine to achieve reliable results for mass production. It is precisely designed with plastic injection moldings, that use plastic mold design methods to make sure parts are of high-quality and reliable performance.

To achieve complete automation and cost optimization, injection mold-making processes are a must. This plastic injection mold is designed to serve its purpose of mass production with precision and consistency. These injection molding parts enable custom injection molding with enhanced service life and durability. With plastic molded parts as essential parts, this injection molding manufacturing process is quick and cost-effective.

The car antenna box upper shell injection mold is a reliable solution for all customers who require plastic injection molded parts. With custom injection mold technology, it can also provide plastic injection mold design solutions for every customer’s positive experience. Using quality injection molding machine parts and mold parts, this injection mold is a reliable solution for quality plastic injection molding services.


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