Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication
1. Shearing machine: It is mainly prepared for die blanking and used to cut a simple piece of pre-finished sheet metal. The cost is low and the accuracy is less than 0.2 mm
2. Punching machine: It is used to produce stamping metal parts in one or more steps to form various shapes after unfolding the pre-finished sheet metal on the stamping die. Its advantages are fewer man-hours, high efficiency, high precision, low cost, and suitability for large-quantity production

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3. CNC machining: First, our CNC programmer prepares the relevant CNC machining program, then use the programming software to compile the developed drawing into a program recognizable by the CNC digital drawing machine, and lets it produces the metal parts of various shapes and structures one by one according to the machining program mentioned above. It can be very high precision, but the manufacturing cycle time is relatively long depending on the complicated status of the product
4. Laser cutting machine: It is used to cut out various structures and shapes from pre-finished sheet metals on the large flat plate of the machine. Same to CNC machining, our laser cutting programmer must prepare a laser cutting program first, then it can produce sheet metals with various structures and shapes
5. Saw machine: It is mainly used to fabricate aluminum, square tube, figure tube, round bar, etc. It is low cost but has low accuracy

Advantages of BOYI Sheet Metal Fabrication
High Production Efficiency
We use laser cutting to improve the production efficiency
0ptional Metal Materials
Brass, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Zinc, etc.
Customized Thickness
The wall thickness of sheet metal can be customized as per different customer requirements


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