Sheet Metal Fabrication Unit

Sheet Metal Fabrication Unit
Material: AL5052/5754/5082/5083/6061/6063/6082.
ZL:101/102 etc.
Carbon steel: Q235B Q345E/Q345D/(SPCC)/SECC/DX51D/DX53D, etc.
Stainless steel :304/316/430/201, etc.
Surface treatment: powder coating, electroplating, oxide, spray painting, anodizing, electrophoresis, passivation, etc.
Polishing, brushing, sandblasting, etc.

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Product features:

Our product range boasts a variety of materials to suit your needs, including AL5052/5754/5082/5083/6061/6063/6082, ZL: 101/102, carbon steel such as Q235B Q345E/Q345D/(SPCC)/SECC/DX51D/DX53D, and stainless steel options including 304/316/430/201. With this wide range of materials, we can ensure that your specific requirements are met.

To further accommodate your needs, we provide various surface treatment options such as powder coating, electroplating, oxide, spray painting, anodizing, electrophoresis, passivation, polishing, brushing, and sandblasting. This means that not only can we provide you with the right material, but we can also customize its appearance and functionality to suit your specific needs.

Our products are designed to be durable and long-lasting, with each material specifically selected for its strength, resistance to corrosion, and adaptability. Whether you need a product that can withstand extreme temperatures or harsh environments, our range of materials and treatments ensures that we have something to meet your needs.

Overall, our products boast a range of features that are suitable for a variety of applications, making them versatile and reliable. So, if you’re in need of high-quality and customizable products, look no further than our range of AL5052/5754/5082/5083/6061/6063/6082, ZL:101/102, carbon steel, and stainless steel options with customizable surface treatments.


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