Plastic Mold Upper Cover Of Smart Water Pump

Basic information:
Project name: Plastic mold Upper cover of smart water pump
Size: Length 144.86±0.10 mm, width 88.80± 0.10 mm, thickness 33.06±0.10 mm
Material: ABS
Color: Black

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Product details:

Environmental protection: All materials shall comply with the relevant regulations of ROHS 2.0, REACH, and HF
Usage scenario: It is used as the upper cover of the smart water pump to protect the water pump and provide it with an operation interface
Mold tooling lead time: 20 to 30 days for mold design & fabrication and sample sending
Lead time for mass production: 10-15 days based on the order quantity
Payment terms: T/T
Packing: Plastic bags, cartons, pallets, or others assigned by a customer
Shipping mode: Express delivery, air shipment, sea shipment &, etc.

Product features:

This is the Upper Cover from our Smart Water Pump range, designed and manufactured with the highest level of precision and intricacy in our world-renowned injection molding factory. Our biggest injection molding machine ensures that each component – made from premium ABS material in black color – is produced to the exact size of 144.86±0.10 mm in length, 88.80± 0.10 mm in width, and 33.06±0.10 mm in thickness.

At our factory, we provide a wide range of custom-molded parts that are made according to our customer’s exact specifications. Our innovative processes include the design and fabrication of plastic injection tooling molds, heavily used in the manufacture of custom plastic injection molded parts. We also specialize in part design optimization, allowing you to achieve the highest quality plastic parts that serve the best results.

To ensure that each custom plastic piece meets global standards, our specialized engineers and technicians supervise the production to achieve accurate levels of precision. We use the latest injection molding technology, an energy-efficient process to produce millions of identical plastic parts perfectly each time. Additionally, this method is used to manufacture large and complex parts with tight tolerances and intricate shapes.


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