Plastic Medical Centrifugal Tube Mold

Basic information:
Product Name: Plastic Medical Centrifugal Tube Mold
Mold inserts’ material: P20/718/738/NAK80/S136/2738/2316
Medical centrifugal tube’s color: lucency
Surface treatment: Polished, Painted, Anodized, Etc.
Mold base: LKM.HASCO
Mold inserts’ accuracy:+/-0.01 mm
Mold life: 250000-300000 shots
Mold cavities: 1*1
Mold type: hot runner or cold runner
Place of Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Mold delivery lead time: 30~60 days for mold design & fabrication and sample sending
Transportation packaging: Wooden case
Payment method: T/T

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Application scope:

The medical centrifugal tube is an essential medical device that is used for separation, purification, and concentration of different biomaterials. The plastic medical centrifugal tube mold is designed to create the plastic centrifugal tube used in medical practices.

The mold uses materials like P20/718/738/NAK80/S136/2738/2316 and is designed for precision and accuracy. The mold is polished, painted, anodized, etc., to achieve a high-quality product finish. Additionally, the mold base is made of LKM.HASCO to enhance its durability.

The mold feature an accuracy of +/-0.01 mm and can produce up to 250000-300000 shots. It has one mold cavity with options for either a hot runner or cold runner types.

The plastic medical centrifugal tube mold has a broad range of applications. It is used in medical laboratories, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities where centrifugal tubes are required for the separation of biosamples. The mold is designed to produce high-quality and durable medical centrifugal tubes that can withstand harsh conditions and handling.


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