Plastic Container For Beer Machine

Basic information:
Product name: Plastic container for beer machine
Parameters: Length 140.9 mm, width 115.0 mm, height 54.0 mm
Raw material: PP
Color: Black

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Product details:

Appearance: The product shall be free of shrinkage, short molding, flow marks, oil stains, burrs, scratches, etc.
Post-treatment production process: none
Environmental protection: all raw materials must comply with RoHS2.0, REACH, and HF
Usage scenario: It is used as a plastic container for a beer machine
Mold type: 3-plate hot-runner mold
Mold cavities: 1*1
Gate type: Pin-point gate
Shrinkage rate: 16 ‰
The tonnage of the injection molding machine: is 160T
Mold tooling lead time: 35 days for mold design, fabrication, and FAI sample sending
Mass production lead time: 10-15 days (based on order quantity)

Product features:

This plastic container for beer machine is 140.9 mm in length, 115.0 mm in width, and 54.0 mm in height, and is designed for custom injection molding with durable and reliable PP material. The product is meticulously designed and crafted to ensure reliable performance and optimal durability. It features a black finish and is suitable for home or industrial beer machine use.

This product utilizes the latest in injection molding technology to effectively produce resilient and accurately dimensioned components. We employ the highest precision and cutting-edge equipment when manufacturing this product, as well as advanced injection mold design engineering that ensures the product’s exact specifications are met.

The mold components are designed to be exceptionally durable, so the product can withstand wear and tear over time. These parts are designed to perform with reliability and resilience in different environments, making the product suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.

By combining the latest injection molding technology with advanced engineering, we can create a product that effectively meets your specific needs and requirements. This highly reliable and efficient plastic container for beer machines is cost-effective and is guaranteed to provide reliable performance in the long run.


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