PLA Plastic Parts For Food Container

Basic information:
Product name: PLA plastic parts for food container
Size: Customized
Usage scenario: contain food in microwaveable or refrigerated with temperature from -18-120 degrees.

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Product features:

Our PLA plastic parts for food containers are perfect for the containment of food during microwaving or refrigeration. The temperature range of these parts is -18-120 degrees Celcius, so they are more than capable of handling a diverse range of food storage scenarios. Our injection molding services create a lightweight and durable polymer material that can contain food and maintain its original shape and form. The plastic materials used are either polymers or polycarbonates which are both extremely long-lasting and easy to maintain. Our custom mold design and injection molding process allows us to design molds to create parts with precision and accuracy, reducing the risk of breakage during production. Additionally, our custom plastic molds contain intricate shapes and crevices designed to perfectly fit your food container shape, size, and design. Our plastic molded parts are FDA-approved, making them a perfect choice for food-grade food containers. With our injection molding parts, you can rest assured that your food containers will be well-protected and serve you reliably for a long time.

Corn starch or sugar cane made degradable food containers are a new trend in the market with zero pollution. Custom made plastic products are being replaced with biodegradable options to save the environment. These containers are designed using plastic injection methods and decompose naturally without harmful effects on the environment. The use of corn starch or sugar cane enables the production of eco-friendly containers that can be easily disposed of and will not leave a carbon footprint on the earth.


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