Injection Molded Plastic Food Storage Container

Basic information:
Product Name: Injection molded plastic food storage container
Size: Length 137mm, width 115mm, height 103mm
Raw material: PP
Color: clear body with black clip and silicon sealing ring 

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Product details:

Appearance: The product shall be free of shrinkage, short molding, flow marks, oil stains, burrs, scratches and etc.
Post-treatment production process: none
Environmental protection: all raw materials must comply with RoHS2.0, REACH and HF
Usage scenario: It is used as food storage in kitchen
Mold Type: Injection mold
Mold Material: Steel
No. of Cavities: 1
Runner Style: Cold runner
Mold Ejection Method: Stripper plate/drop pin
Mold Core Surface Finish: EDM
Mold Insert Surface Finish: EDM
Mold Locking System: Latch Lock
Mold Cooling System: Water Circuit

Product features:

Introducing the Injection Molded Plastic food storage container ! This versatile food storage container is perfect for a variety of applications, from storing liquids and solids to keeping important items safe and secure.

This food storage container is manufactured from durable, high quality PP plastic, and its length, width, and height are 137 mm, 115 mm, and 103 mm respectively.

Injection molded food storage containers are made from a range of materials, but plastic is among the most popular. Plastic food storage containers have a wide range of applications, from food storage and transportation to food display.

Food-grade plastic storage containers are particularly popular because they are made to comply with strict food safety standards. Custom plastic food storage containers are also available for those with specific requirements.

Airtight plastic food storage containers are ideal for storing food for long periods. Lastly, BPA-free plastic food storage containers do not contain the harmful BPA chemical. These plastic injection molded food storage containers are a great choice for many food applications.

We a professional plastic injection molding manufacturer that can make different types of food storage container to meet our client requirement .By customized colors ,shapes ,materials , client can have their design idea goes to reality .


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