Injection Mold For Plastic Storage Box

Product Name: Injection mold for plastic storage box
Mold inserts’ material: 718/H13
Plastic storage box’s colors: white, black
Plastic storage box’s material: PP
Mold inserts’ hardness: HRC34-38
Mold base: LKM, HASCO, DME
Production capacity: 300 units/year
Gate type: pin-point gate
Ejector system: top rod, top rod plate
Surface treatment: polishing, painting, chrome plating, anodizing, brushing, wire mesh, water transmission, laser cutting, leather covering, texture, sandblasting, gold plating, UV painting
Manufacturing cycle time: 30~40 seconds
Mold inserts’ accuracy: +/-0.01 mm
Mold life: 200000 shots
Mold type: cold runner
Mold cavities: 1*1
Place of Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Mold delivery lead time: 30 days for mold design & fabrication and sample sending
Transportation packaging: Wooden case
Payment method: T/T

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Application scope: This injection plastic mold is suitable for producing containers from thermoplastic materials like PP and etc. The mold is designed with 718/H13 steel material and hardness of HRC 34-38. It features a single mold cavity and a cold runner system, along with a pin-point gate injection system and top rod/top rod plate ejection system. With a production capacity of 300 pieces a year and a cycle time of 30-40 seconds per shot, this mold is a fast and efficient way to produce plastic storage boxes. The high precision of ± 0.01mm and long lifespan of 200,000 shots gives it reliability and consistent quality of production. This injection mold for plastic storage box is perfect for mass production of warehouse storage or consumer applications.


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