Die Casting Equipment Case Fan For Industrial

Basic information:
Product name: Die casting equipment Case Fan for Industrial
Parameters: Diameter150.0±0.3 mm,height38.0±0.2 mm
Material: Aluminum alloy ADC12
Color: Gray & natural

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Product details:

Appearance: The product should be without short molding, excess filling, slag inclusion, deformation, bumps & etc.
Environmental protection: Materials comply with RoHS2.0, REACH and HF.
Usage scenario: It is used as case fan for industrial equipment
Mold tooling lead time: 20-30 days for mold fabrication and sample sending
Mass production lead time: 10-15 days based on the order quantity
Payment terms: T/T
Packing: Plastic bags, cartons and pallets, or customized
Shipping mode: Express delivery, air shipping, sea shipping & etc.

Product features:

This is an aluminum alloy die casting case fan specifically designed for industrial equipment. The fan has a diameter of 150.0±0.3 mm and a height of 38.0±0.2 mm. It is made of aluminum alloy ADC12 and has a gray & natural color. It is a high-quality, reliable and cost-effective choice for industrial equipment.

The fan is manufactured using a die casting process. This process uses a special mould to create the fan shape and makes it highly precise. This ensures the accuracy and consistency of the fan’s dimensions which is important for an effective performance. It also offers strong durability, which makes it suitable for long-term use in industrial equipment.

The fan also offers excellent heat dissipation, which is able to keep equipment cooler and prevent it from over-heating. By keeping the core temperature of the equipment low, it prevents the components from thermal damage and helps to increase the working life.

Overall, this aluminum alloy die casting case fan is a great choice for industrial equipment, providing a reliable and durable solution for effective heat dissipation. It also offers customization options and is easy to use with different die casting moulds.


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