Custom Plastic Mold Household Socket Lower Cover

Basic information:
Product name: Custom plastic mold Household Socket Lower Cover
Parameters: Length 80.90 mm, width 80.90 mm, thickness 43.00 mm
Material: PC3133HF(flame retardant V-0 level)
Color: Black

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Product details:

Appearance: The product should be without shrinkage, short molding, flow marks, oil contamination, burrs, scratches &, etc.
Post-treatment production processes: Fine texture
Environmental protection: Materials comply with RoHS2.0, REACH, and HF.
Usage scenario: It is used as a lower cover of the household socket
Mold type: 2-Plate
Mold Cavity number: 1*2
Gate type: Pin-point gate
Shrinkage rate: 5‰
Mold life: 300,000 shots
Injection machine type: 160T
Mold tooling lead time: 20-30 days for mold fabrication and sample sending
Mass production lead time: 10-15 days based on the order quantity
Payment terms: T/T
Packing: Plastic bags, cartons, and pallets, or customized
Shipping mode: Express delivery, air shipping, sea shipping &, etc.

Product features:

This product is a lower cover of a household socket, made from PC3133HF(flame retardant V-0 level). It has a length of 80.90 mm, a width of 80.90 mm, and a thickness of 43.00 mm. Its color is black. To ensure that the product works and fits perfectly to the socket, the product is produced through custom plastic parts manufacturers, who offer plastic injection molding services and other injection molding examples for automotive parts molding.

To help best match the expectations of the customers, this lower cover of the socket uses a crush rib design and custom injection mold. Customers can find custom injection molding near me to ensure the customization of plastic tooling manufacturing for the desired product. Furthermore, the use of a plastic injection molding service, parts of a mold, and injection molding drawing guarantees the highest quality of this product.

Ultimately, the injection molding manufacturing process is complex, involving industrial injection molding using plastic injection molding for dummies to make this lower cover of the socket. By using custom injection molding near me, customers can feel at ease when using custom injection moldings, a plastic injection molding service, and custom plastic injection services. Furthermore, the injection molding die guarantees that the product meets all cosmetic specifications of injection molded parts.


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