Custom Injection Molded Plastic Boxes

Basic information:
Product name: Custom Injection Molded Plastic Boxes
Material: PP
Color: solid /white /clear or customized
Volume: 15L,25L,40L,55L,80L,105L

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Product details:

Original: Dongguan, Made in China
Environmental protection: All the materials must comply with RoHS2.0, REACH
Use scenario: Living room, Kitchen, Schoolroom, bedroom for different items storage
Delivery Time: 45 Days
Payment terms: T/T
Packing: cartons and pallets, or customized
Shipping mode: Express delivery, air shipping, sea shipping &, etc.

Product features:

Custom Injection Molded Plastic Boxes are perfect for businesses in need of a reliable and cost-effective storage option. Our Custom Injection Molded Plastic Boxes are made from durable PP that is available in solid, white, and clear colors, or they can be customized for a unique look. With a range of volumes from 15L, 25L, 40L, 55L, 80L, and 105L to choose from, these boxes can easily be tailored to almost any business’s needs.

Our injection molding process is precise and reproducible, allowing you to create the parts you need quickly and easily. We use the latest injection molding software and tools such as Hydraulic Molding machines and injection mold components to create custom injection molds. Our team also offers expertise in injection molding design and technical drawings, so that you can get the right part for the job.

We take great pride in offering custom plastic injection molding solutions. We use experienced plastic mold design techniques and the latest state-of-the-art injection mold-making equipment to produce top-quality plastic molding parts, such as car plastic components, keypads, etc. With our customized mold-making services, you can get parts that not only meet your exact requirements but also fit perfectly into your existing system.

As a professional manufacturing company, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality injection molding parts and services. We are committed to helping you develop cost-saving solutions that are tailored to meet your exact needs. We offer an array of services, such as design for injection molding, plastic injection molding services, plastic injection mold design, mold components manufacturing, and more. Let us take care of the details, so you can focus on what matters – delivering the best parts and products to your customers.


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