CNC Machining Keyboard Mechanical Housing

Basic information:
Product Name: CNC machining keyboard mechanical housing
Size: Length144mm, width160mm, height25mm
Raw material:Stainless steel/aluminum alloy/pp/polycarbonate/acrylic
Color: Grey

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Product details:

Appearance:Blackening, polishing, anodizing, chromium plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, and coloring,According to the specific requirements of the customer, which matches your requests
Production processes:CNC turning, CNC milling
Usage scenario: It is used asCNC keyboard mechanical housing
Mass production lead time:3-30 days (based on order quantity)
Packaging:Carton packaging

Product features:

1.All parts of our company are free of beveled edges. The holes and screw holes are chamfered for ease of assembly (not shown). Each product will be carefully packaged to prevent collision and rust during transportation;
2 .The process of all parts processed by us is strictly controlled, and each product has its own process card and process diagram;
3 . Every experienced operator must carefully review procedures, drawings, SOPs,and tools before taking action. The operator must check each action after a setup to avoid the end of the part scrap;
4 . All employees have received training in cost and quality management.

Production quality:

1. Our quality inspection procedures are very strict, and we must conduct self-inspection during the production process. We have process inspectors and professional inspectors;
2 . After production, each size of product must undergo a one-to-one test and provide a quality report;
3. QC ensures that all parts are 100% inspected before shipment, and we control it, so you don’t have to worry.

Offering superior ergonomic typing comfort, this keyboard housing also offers you the utmost precision and accuracy. With its precise design and superior construction, you can expect long-lasting and durable performance from your CNC machining keyboard.

Enjoy the convenience of a keyboard mechanical housing that is designed for long-term reliability and optimum performance. Get yours today, only from CNC machining !

We have been workining in CNC machining industry for over 20 years .We can do low volume and mass production for CNC maching service with metal and plastic products .


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