CNC Machined Spare Part For Vehicle

Size: outside diameter 160 mm, height 100mm
Raw material: Aluminum alloy 6061
Color: natural
Production processes: CNC machining

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Product details:

Appearance: The product shall be free of flow marks, oil stains, burrs, scratches and etc.
Post-treatment production process: none
Environmental protection: all raw materials must comply with RoHS2.0, REACH and HF
Usage scenario: It is used as spart part for vehicle

Product features:

Car manufacturers and auto part makers know that using prototypes can help them improve their product designs and functionalities. Handing out the production work without having a sample ready can lead to costly mistakes and longer lead times. In this regard, creating a high-quality hand board model or prototype is essential to ensure the product’s functionality and performance.

One of the most critical components in a vehicle is the aluminum alloy part. It is a sturdy and durable material that can withstand harsh conditions on the road. Hence, creating a prototype for CNC machined aluminum alloys part is a crucial process in the automotive industry.

Our CNC machined aluminum alloys part for vehicles is an essential prototype that we can deliver to our clients. The model’s specifications include an outer diameter of 160mm and height of 100mm, made from high-quality aluminum alloy 6061 with a natural color finish. The post-treatment production process is not necessary since the material’s strength and durability prevent corrosion and damage.

The CNC machining technology produces high-quality and accurate models, replicating the real part’s design and dimensions. Our team of experienced engineers and machinists ensures that each part follows the client’s precise requirements and product standards. Our CNC machining process allows us to create complex and intricate shapes that would be impossible to make in conventional manufacturing methods.

Moreover, our prototypes undergo meticulous inspection and quality control to check for any defects or imperfections. We value our clients’ feedback and continuously improve our processes to meet their expectations and demands.
In conclusion, the CNC machined aluminum alloys part for vehicles is an essential prototype that automotive manufacturers and auto part makers should have. It provides a precise model that can help them identify any product design or functionality issues before starting the production process. With our expertise in CNC machining technology, we guarantee that our prototype models meet our clients’ precise specifications and standards.


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