Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink

Basic information:Product name: Heat sinkParameters: Length 87.50 mm, width79.0 mm, height 25.15 mmMaterial: Aluminum alloy 6061Color: NaturalProduction processes: Aluminum extrusion, then CNC machiningSurface treatment: None

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Product details:

Appearance: The product should be clean, without deformation, bumps, oil contamination, scratches &, etc.
Environmental protection: All the materials shall comply with RoHS2.0, REACH, and HF
Usage scenario: It is used as a heat sink
Tooling lead time: 7-10 days for mold fabrication and sample sending
Production lead time: 10-14 days based on the order quantity
Payment terms: T/T
Packing: Plastic bags, cartons, and pallets, or customized
Shipping mode: Express delivery, air shipping, sea shipping &, etc.

Product features:

The Heat Sink is a lightweight aluminum alloy product, designed for use in dissipating heat away from a heated surface. It is made from aluminum alloy 6061, with a length of 87.50mm, a width of 79.0mm, and a height of 25.15mm.

The Heat Sink is a sleek and modern design, with no surface treatment. It is produced with a combination of aluminum extrusion and CNC machining production processes.

The appearance of the product should be clean and free from deformation, bumps, oil contamination, scratches, etc. It must comply with RoHS2.0, REACH, and HF standards regarding environmental protection. The tooling lead time would be 7-10 days for mold fabrication and sample sending, and the production lead time is 10-14 days based on the order quantity.

The Heat Sink is a great low-cost solution for dissipating heat away from surfaces. It works great for most applications and is easy to install. It is perfect for use in high-heat applications such as electric heaters, high-powered electronics, and other applications.


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