ABS Plastic Molding At Home

Basic information:
Product Name: Custom abs plastic molding 
Mold inserts’ material: P20
Product Medical auxiliary’s handle material :ABS
Product Medical auxiliary’s handle color: white, black, green, nature, blue, yellow, etc
Surface treatment: Texture, gloss, polishing, screen printing, painting, etc…
Mold base: LKM
Mold inserts’ accuracy:+/-0.01 mm
Mold life: 300,000 shots
Mold cavities: 1*1
Mold type: cold runner
Mold delivery lead time: 45 days for mold design & fabrication and sample sending
Transportation packaging: Wooden case
Payment method: T/T

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Application scope:

This is used for Medical auxiliary’s handle . Our service of custom plastic injection moulding most used in Automobile ,home appliance, medical ,aerospace industries. We are one of the largest injection molding companies in Dongguan which is well-known by precision plastic injection moulding producing . We can help clients make not only precision plastic injection molds but also

injection plastic parts with most economic and good quality to seize the market share .

We have made many medical device plastic injection molding for our clients in the past years .They are satisfied with our cost ,quality and service .

We can make 2K mould ,single and multi cavity injection mold ,LSR silicon injection molding ,insert molding and over molding . That is why we can meet different requirement on precision plastic injection molding and precision mould parts.

The Medical auxiliary’s handle color options include white, black, green, natural, blue, yellow, and much more. This versatile product can also undergo various surface treatments such as texture finish, gloss finish, polishing, screen printing, painting, among others, to meet specific customer requirements.

Plastic Medical Auxiliary’s Handle Mold is used in the healthcare sector for various applications. It is highly useful for medical professionals such as surgeons, nurses, and emergency care specialists who have to handle medical equipment regularly. These auxiliary parts provide a robust and sturdy grip to the equipment, allowing professionals to carry out their tasks with ease and accuracy.

Plastic Medical Auxiliary’s Handle mold is an advanced and innovative tool for the medical industry. Through its high-quality materials, various color options, and surface treatments, it provides a helping hand to medical professionals across the globe, improving medical operations’ accuracy and efficiency. If you are looking for a reliable solution for your medical auxiliary’s handle needs, we could support your projects with very competitive quotation ,good and stable quality and fast delivery .

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