Participate In The 2023 China PPE

From June 9th to June 11th, 4 sales colleagues(Jessie, Paul, Wendy, and Cici) and Mold Engineer Wei Tian from BOYI Technology participated in the 2023 China Plastic Rubber and Packaging Printing Exhibition. We are pleased to explore some new foreign clients from India, UK &, etc., and some domestic clients like EVE Energy Co., Ltd. Afterwards, we will further contact them to see if there are any suitable projects for mutual cooperation.

The Plastic Rubber Exhibition has been a great platform for Boyi Technology to showcase our latest products and services in the industry. Our five colleagues have been well-equipped with the knowledge and the experience to welcome visitors to the exhibition booth. They were ready to explain in detail about each product and highlight the benefits of doing business with BOYI Technology.

During the exhibition, we were able to connect with potential clients from different countries. Our team had the opportunity to discuss various business prospects with representatives of companies from India, the UK, and domestic companies like EVE Energy Co. Ltd.

We were impressed by the level of interest and enthusiasm that visitors demonstrated towards our products. Their feedback has been valuable in identifying areas of improvement and finding ways to better meet the needs of our clients.

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